Welcome to the Travel City of the Philippines!

As part of our commitment to a transparent, accountable, and responsive government, we would like to share the collective efforts of the local government, stakeholders, and the Pasayeños for the continuous growth and development of our city.

Pasay City, being a home to many hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping malls, and world-class convention centers, contributes to a large part of Metro Manila’s tourist and event activities. Amidst modernization and infrastructure development, we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide excellent public service for the city’s continuous advancement towards enabling environment for progressive and empowered Pasayeños.

Get to know more about our beloved city – its profile, transformation, public services, culture, and attractions. Come visit Pasay City and experience our unique hospitality and the local government’s “Tapat Kayong Pinaglilingkuran” brand of service. Explore and experience why Pasay City is not only the gateway to the country but a destination in itself. Just remember: “Sa Pasay, bawal ang pasaway.”

-- Mayor Imelda “Emi” Calixto-Rubiano